COVID-19 Information

Executive Orders

Protections for workers when they or their close contacts are sick are included in Executive Order 2020-36 with amendments included in Executive Order 2020-110:

Executive Order 2020-36

The spirits buyback program for restaurants and bars throughout the state is detailed under Executive Order 2020-46 with amendments included in Executive Order 2020-110:

Executive Order 2020-46

Safety measures for food-selling establishments and temporary relief from license renewal requirements are detailed under Executive Order 2020-109:

Executive Order 2020-109

Executive Order 2020-110 lists details related the cancellation of the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order and can be found here:

Executive Order 2020-110


An outline of requirements for the reopening of businesses, including constraints on bars and restaurants is included in Executive Order 2020-114:

Executive Order 2020-114

Temporary restrictions on the operations of certain events, gatherings, and businesses are explained in Executive Order 2020-115:

Executive Order 2020-115

Executive Order 143 directs bars to only allow service to patrons outdoors. Food service establishments that earn more than 70% of their gross receipts from alcoholic beverage sales must close for indoor services:

Executive Order 2020-143

Executive Order 147 requires that masks be work in all indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces. It also requires any business that is open to the public to refuse entry or service to people who refuse to wear a mask.

Executive Order 2020-147

Executive Directives with information regarding state spending and hiring can be accessed here:,9309,7-387-90499_90704---,00.html

To access all Executive Orders and directives, please visit

Reopening in the Workplace

In addition to some of the resources listed below, AMOA members can take advantage of information on the Membership section of the AMOA webpage, accessible at 

OSHA offers guidelines to business owners regarding the COVID Preparedness and Response Plan required for operation here:

OSHA Guidelines

MiOSHA Workplace Guidelines

Sample COVID plans can be found here:

MI Chamber Samples

State of Michigan Samples

A list of FAQ's regarding liquor license holders and the Stay Home, Stay Safe order is found here: Coronavirus FAQ

Further resources can also be found at: AAMA Resources and MI Chamber Resources


Unemployment benefits have been extended to include self-employed workers and benefits have been expanded to all workers:,9753,7-406-98158-523450--,00.html


The federal department of labor issued guidelines last week for employers related to sick time paid for workers during the pandemic, beginning April 1, 2020:


DOL also issued an answer guide to FAQ's related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act:


Michigan's UIA is requesting the website, rather than the phone number, be used to register for benefits at:


The UIA also states that registering during off peak hours, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., is the best time to access the website.

The Unemployment Agency has guidelines for workers and for employers at:,9753,7-406-98178_98179---,00.html

For employers, information related to the workshare program to allow employers to maintain operations versus laying off workers; as well as how employers should treat temporary layoffs is included in the following worksheet:

Federal Government

On the federal level, Tax Day has been postponed until July 15, 2020.  


The Michigan page for employers, linked above, offers federal guidance, as well as guidance from the CDC for businesses and employers:


There is also a federal site related to small business loan information, including economic injury disaster loans:

As Executive Orders are updated and created and more guidance becomes available, MCMOA will apprise its members of the latest updates on this situation in an attempt to make certain our members are as informed as possible.

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