2020 MCMOA Dart Tournament Results

The 2020 MCMOA Dart Tournament took place February 26 - March 1, 2020 at the Soaring Eagle Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  We are pleased to announce the winners of each event below.

Thursday, March 14

Mixed Doubles


1st Place: Eric Hill & Kathy Middleton

2nd Place: Wendy Hammons & Marc Cetrone

3rd Place: Gary Adams & Amanda Patrick

Level 1

1st Place: Ryan Pierce & Jody Faber

2nd Place: John Meir & Kasia Przybyl

3rd Place: Ricky Stoddard & Judy Stoddard

Level 2

1st Place: Pat Welliver & Andrew Mogg

2nd Place: Aaron Hosner & Linda Peffers

3rd Place: Mike Jaskiewicz & Ashley Reynolds

Level 3

1st Place: Brent Norberg & Keri Mills

2nd Place: Fred Alcorn & Jennifer Blizzard

3rd Place: Kyle Maki & Megan Maki

Level 4

1st Place: Jacquelynn Boughner & Mike Boughner

2nd Place: Marcus Teague & Katie Teague

3rd Place: Ethan Bird & Jade Williams

Saturday, March 16

Master & Open Singles '01


1st Place: PJ Kirk

2nd Place: Jeremiah Burger

3rd Place: Mike Self

Level 1

1st Place:  Amado Martinez

2nd Place: Kenny Baysdell

3rd Place: Kevin Surbrook

Level 2

1st Place: Mark Perry

2nd Place: Jeremy Brokaw

3rd Place: Chance Allen

Level 3

1st Place: Mark Nelson

2nd Place: John Tartamella

3rd Place: Roger Ayers

Level 4

1st Place: Nick Robbins

2nd Place: Steven Dubois

3rd Place: Ricky A. Stoddard

Friday, March 15

Singles Cricket


1st Place: Eric Hill

2nd Place: Greg Strand

3rd Place: Mike Self

Level 1

1st Place: Eric Brown

2nd Place: Frank Walton

3rd Place: David Kindel

Level 2

1st Place: Jeff Miller

2nd Place: Mat Sherette

3rd Place: Greg Madera

Level 5

1st Place: Michael Ellison

2nd Place: Marvin Johnson

3rd Place: Misty Frolenko

Level 6

1st Place: Dan Winters

2nd Place: Katy Zander

3rd Place: Joe Zirkelbach

Level 7

1st Place: Jim Dotson

2nd Place: Amber Arkles

3rd Place: Tristen Rosted

Level 3

1st Place: Sal Gigliotti

2nd Place: Roger Ayers

3rd Place: Doug Downey

Level 8

1st Place: Teri Hafner

2nd Place: Chad Billings

3rd Place: Melanie North

Master & Open Doubles '01

Level 4

1st Place: Keith White

2nd Place: Nelson Oliver

3rd Place: Brandon Hosner

Level 5

1st Place: Kasia Przybyl

2nd Place: Bill Gale

3rd Place: Parker Lovell

Level 6

1st Place: Maria Sanchez

2nd Place: Diana Pieper

3rd Place: Paula Howell


1st Place: Anthony Elliott & Mike Self

2nd Place: Gary Clark & PJ Kirk

3rd Place: Troy Hickman & Mike Malico

Level 1

1st Place: Kenny Baysdell & Rich Kruk

2nd Place: Ryan Pierce & Mike Jaskiewicz

3rd Place: Dan Swoffer & Frank Walton

Level 2

1st Place: Jason Lewis & Nathan Darrow

2nd Place: Jodi Hoover & Ollie Forester

3rd Place: David King Jr. & Mat Sherette

Master & Open Doubles Cricket


1st Place: Bryson Church & Matt McCaul

2nd Place: Eric Hill & Greg Strand

3rd Place: Stevie Strand Jr. & Rob Torres

Level 1

1st Place: Brady Brown & KC Kleaver

2nd Place: Russ Feko & Josh Slom

3rd Place: Josh Johnson & Matt Sideliner

Level 2

1st Place: Mike Stenger & Jonny Johnson

2nd Place: Greg Madera & Jim Jackson

3rd Place: Jodi Hoover & Ollie Forester

Level 3

1st Place: Tony Avery & Randy Rosted

2nd Place: Zac Powell & Julian Rodriguez

3rd Place: Karl Boettner & Tony Casser

Level 4

1st Place: Myron Wiggins & Eugene Carll

2nd Place: Jennifer Shomo & Dave Moss

3rd Place: Kasia Przybyl & Mike Paddock

Level 3

1st Place: Chris Pennell & Jake Embrey

2nd Place: Ron Van Pamel & Chris Bartley

3rd Place: Shaun Garza & Pete Fuentez

Level 4

1st Place: Tom McFarland & Lou Gutierrez

2nd Place: Josh Houlihan & Lional Lum

3rd Place: John Moore & Khalil Muizz Bey

Level 5

1st Place: Daniel Kwaiser & Dan Justice

2nd Place: Clint Oliver & Diana Oliver

3rd Place: Christine Allen & Jessica Barnes

Level 6

1st Place: Chris Nelson & Joe Zirkelbach

2nd Place: Shelby Mogg & Janell Gruenberg

3rd Place: Mary Embrey & Connie Dubois

Level 7

1st Place: Amber Arkles & Christa Alivarado

2nd Place: Roger Woodard & Starla Woodard

3rd Place: Judd Mattimore & Mary Sheppelman

Mixed Triples

Level 5

1st Place: Bill Gale & Garry Alcorn

2nd Place: Brittany Ames & Addam Davidson

3rd Place: Dianne Robertson & Randy Taylor

Level 6

1st Place: Derek Maxon & Mike Merchant

2nd Place: Amy Schlorff & April Ellerman

3rd Place: Ethan Bird & Jade Williams

Level 7

1st Place: Shelby Mogg & Janell Gruenberg

2nd Place: Sandy Lichon & Teri Hafner

3rd Place: Sharon Hall & Susan Paine


1st Place: Kerri Baksa, Mark Baksa & PJ Kirk

2nd Place: Jana Baringer, Steve Strand Jr. & Rob Torres

3rd Place: David Kindel, Wendy Hammons & Marc Cetrone

Level 1

1st Place: Jason Davis, Jerry Fraizer & Aubry Liggett

2nd Place: Paula Clark, Gary Clark & Darrell Little

3rd Place: Steve Knezeich, Amy Schlorff & Mike Morris

Level 2

1st Place:  Steve Lawhorn, Sally Lawhorn & Zach Johnston

2nd Place: Joshua Parks, Desi Castellon & Joel Miller

3rd Place: Dwayne McCowin, Dan Tucker & Megan Maki

Sunday, March 17

4-Person Team

Level 1

1st Place: Julian Garcia, Daniel Hassard, Eric Brown & KC Kleaver

2nd Place: Dan Swoffer, Chance Allen, Frank Walton & Jason Lewis

3rd Place: Jodi Hoover, Chuck Coak, Ollie Forester & Ryan Cary

Level 2

1st Place: Nick Robbins, Rachel Robbins, Brandon Lee & Aaron Toth

2nd Place: Dan Russell, Trayan Petrov, Robert Miller & Jana Greeno

3rd Place: Anthony Perkins, Melissa Perkins, Andrew Kailimai & Josh Pearsall

Level 3

1st Place: Troy Hickman, Steve Pachuta, Damian Canfield & Mike Malico

2nd Place: Brent Norberg, Lewis Weathers, Herman King & Ed Selewski

3rd Place: Andrew Bawol, Andrew Templeton, Ron Van Pamel & Chris Bartley

Level 3

1st Place: Ashley Beals, Chris Pennell & Kristina Pennell

2nd Place: Brandy Ruby, Tristen Rosted & Mitchell Rosted

3rd Place: Wade Davis, Noah Davis & Mindy Miller

Level 4

1st Place: Keri Mills, Lewis Weathers & Andrew Templeton

2nd Place: Teresa Looman, Dustin Looman & Jen Deshone

3rd Place: Dan Russell, Dawn Cuprys & Gabrielle Goodnight

Level 4

1st Place: Jack Fry, Jeff Williams, Cory Burch & Kevin Peterson

2nd Place: Rob Dotson, Eric Hall Jr., Eric Hall Sr., & Jim Dotson

3rd Place: Mindy Miller, Christine Allen, Heather Vanblaricum & Jessica Barnes

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