2020 MCMOA Dart Tournament Results

The 2020 MCMOA Dart Tournament took place February 26 - March 1, 2020 at the Soaring Eagle Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  We are pleased to announce the winners of each event below.

Thursday, February 27 

Mixed Doubles


1st Place: Bobby Wise & Jana Baringer

2nd Place: Phillip Kirk & Paula Clark

3rd Place: Ryan Pierce & Jody Faber

Level 1

1st Place: Dan Tucker & Megan Maki

2nd Place: David Kindel & Shantae Mahan

3rd Place: Jennifer Shomo & Rich Kruk

4th Place: Matt Sidelinker & Amber Sidelinker

Level 2

1st Place: Tracy Smith & John Smith

2nd Place: Harold Little & Kendra Stadler

3rd Place: Shelia Davenport & Aaron Kolehmainen

4th Place: Daniell Miller & Keith Taxier

Level 3

1st Place: Monica Gonzalez & Dillian Mandoka

2nd Place: Thomas Moore & Jamie Argenzio

3rd Place: Chris Pennell & Kristina Pennell

4th Place: Frank Benning & Christina Guiffre

Level 4

1st Place: Annie Duffy & Terry Darnell

2nd Place: Emily King & Phillip Teem

3rd Place: John Hille & Amber Pollington

4th Place: Teri Hafner & Lionel Lum

Friday, February 28


Level 5

1st Place: Brandon Lee & Jennifer Mahalak

2nd Place: Jesse Zimmerman & Carly Hilliard

3rd Place: Kathy Phillips & Steve Ebersole

4th Place: Mitchell Rosted & Anna Clark

Saturday, February 29

Master & Open Singles '01


1st Place: Eric Hill

2nd Place: Howard Hill

3rd Place: Paul Otto

Level 1

1st Place: Julian Garcia

2nd Place: Gregg Ramsey

3rd Place: Anthony Crisholm

4th PlaceL Rich Kruk

Level 2

1st Place: Greg Cannon

2nd Place: Jody Faber

3rd Place: Daniel Hassard

4th Place: Johnny Johnson

Level 3

1st Place: Harold Little

2nd Place: David Banwart

3rd Place: John Smith

4th Place: Wes Brimmer

Level 4

1st Place: Brian Lutz

2nd Place: Dylan Leiby

3rd Place: Jeff Beyer

4th Place: Keith Schlamdinger

Singles Cricket


1st Place: Mike Hagenow

2nd Place: Jeremiah Burger

3rd Place: Christopher Swanson

Level 1

1st Place: Greg Cannon

2nd Place: Ryan Pierce 

3rd Place: Mike Kras

4th Place: Dustin Anderson

Level 2

1st Place: Mike Jaskiewicz

2nd Place: Mark Nelson

3rd Place: Kathy Middleton

4th Place: David Daisy

Level 3

1st Place: John Hille

2nd Place: Derrick Howard

3rd Place: Wes Brimmer

4th Place: Kevin Greenhoe

Level 4

1st Place: Jake Embrey

2nd Place: Tyler Smith

3rd Place: Travis Caufield

4th Place: Misty Frolenko

Level 5

1st Place: Scott Pritchard

2nd Place: Louis Medina

3rd Place: Johnny Maglio

4th Place: Craig Wood

Level 6

1st Place: Ariel De Castro

2nd Place: Heather St Pierre

3rd Place: Christina Gutierrez

4th Place: Travis George 

Master & Open Doubles Cricket


Level 7

1st Place: Nicole Zirkelbach

2nd Place: Michael Luther

3rd Place: Tammy Edwards

4th Place: Cora Edwards



Level 8

1st Place: Sarah Billey

2nd Place: Mike Peterman

3rd Place: Diana Oliver

4th Place: Jamie Argenzio


1st Place: Howard Hill & PJ Kirk

2nd Place: Bob Kinter & Gary Watkins

3rd Place: Paul Otto & Matt Sidelinker

Level 1

1st Place: Dan Swoffer & Frank Walton

2nd Place: Russ Feko & Benson Smith

3rd Place: Gage Middleton & Rob Middleton

4th Place: Chris Heffernan & Steven Sujkowski

Level 2

1st Place: Gregg Ramsey & Marvin Johnson

2nd Place: Brian Lutz & Olivia Terry

3rd Place: Mike Cleary & Toks Bajulaiye

4th Place: Chris Smeltzer & Linsey Smeltzer

Level 3

1st Place: Kevin Petersen & Tyler Smith

2nd Place: McKenna Hughes & Parker Lovell

3rd Place: Eulas Dubois & Steven Dubois

4th Place: Phillip Teem & Kevin Maddox

Level 4

1st Place: Dave Norcross & Dakota Miller

2nd Place: Max Lovejoy & Gary Patterson

3rd Place: Monica Gonzalez & Ashley Oosting

4th Place: Chandra Hoss & Wayne Buller

Level 5

1st Place: Chris Riddell & Paula Riddell

2nd Place: Linda Peffers & Chris Cornell

3rd Place: Keyko Clark & Cora Edwards

4th Place: Steve Cox & Steve Ebersole

Level 5

1st Place: Andrew Dennett

2nd Place: Kendra Stadler

3rd Place: Jordan Logan

4th Place: Kristina Erdelyi

Level 6

1st Place: Chris Bartley

2nd Place: David Polzin

3rd Place: Rex Edwards

4th Place: Brad Rudasill

Level 7

1st Place: Chris Argenzio

2nd Place: Travis George

3rd Place: Todd Pluff

4th Place: Jason Davis

Level 8

1st Place: Shelley Archer

2nd Place: Rachel Robbins

3rd Place: Nicole Zirkelbach

4th Place: Dakota Miller


Level 9

1st Place: Louis Medina

2nd Place: Michelle Peloni

3rd Place: Emily King

4th Place: Diana Pieper

Master & Open Doubles '01


1st Place: Eric Hill & Trevor Fedewa

2nd Place: Bob Kinter & Gary Watkins

3rd Place: Darryl Rehhan & Bobby Wise

Level 1

1st Place: Russ Feko & Benson Smith

2nd Place: Mike Mallico & Andrew Wingle

3rd Place: Mark Baksa & Danny Flower

4th Place: Kevin Miller & Anthony Elliott

Level 2

1st Place: Hasza & Grandstaff

2nd Place: Andrew Dennett & Greg Cannon

3rd Place: Dan Krause & Mike Lucas

4th Place: Jodi Hoover & Abe Smith

Level 3

1st Place: Dan Russell & David Banwart

2nd Place: Eulas Dubois & Steven Dubois

3rd Place: Max Lovejoy & Gary Patterson 

4th Place: Sue Pfeifer & Jody Faber

Level 4

1st Place: Thomas Moore & Chris Argenzio

2nd Place: Keith Schlamdinger & Jason Davis

3rd Place: Dave Dudeck & Jerry Rosenthal

4th Place: Dave Whitten & Mary Webb

Level 5

1st Place: Monica Gonzalez & Ashley Oosting

2nd Place: Carl Wilkerson & Emily Pols

3rd Place: Dwayne McComas & Johnnie Bates IV

4th Place: Jannell Ray & Todd Babcock

Level 6

1st Place: Kerri Baksa & Tia Sampson

2nd Place: Mike McGowan & Ken Hill

3rd Place: Sandy Lichon & Teri Hafner

4th Place: Wally Vaughn & Louden Vaughn

Level 7

1st Place: Jamie Rojas & Diana Pieper

2nd Place: Jerry Fechner & Randy Willis

3rd Place: Kyle Reed & Emma Reed

4th Place: Deana Otto & Jennifer Shomo

Level 8

1st Place: Mary Embrey & Connie Dubois

2nd Place: Bradley Schurg & Cody Deel

3rd Place: Michell Gale & Kara Davis

4th Place: Sharon Hall & Susan Paine

Mixed Triples

Level 6

1st Place: Keri Norberg & Trish Maison

2nd Place: Brandon Bishop & Tim Murlick

3rd Place: Cheryl Morris & Cindi Coffinger

4th Place: Traci Fern & Mary Webb

Level 7

1st Place: Jamie Rojas & Diana Pieper

2nd Place: Don Blackwell & Maria Blackwell

3rd Place: Chris Derosia & Tina Derosia

4th Place: Tammy Dale & Mandy Gower


Level 8

1st Place: Dawn Meir & Amber Sidelinker

2nd Place: Sharon Hall & Susan Paine

3rd Place: Jessica Davis & Mindy Martinez Miller

4th Place: Mike Gruenberg & Jackie Brown


1st Place: Bob Kinter, Gary Watkins & Melissa Hogan

2nd Place: Eric Hill, Trevor Fedewa & Kathy Middleton

3rd Place: Darryl Rehhan, Jana Baringer & Bob Weisz

Level 1

1st Place: Jesse Wilson, Danny Flower & Carolyn Clay

2nd Place: Mike Kabacinski, Tracy Smith & John Smith

3rd Place: Angela Page Zuker, Dan Swoffer & Frank Walton

4th Place: Steve Pachuta, Mike Mallico & Laura Rumble

Level 2

1st Place: Tommy Doerflinger, Chris Houchins & Erin Monaghan

2nd Place: Andrew Dennett, Greg Cannon & Demi Fredrich

3rd Place: Jon Mullins, Traci Fern & Travis Caufield 

4th Place: Brian Lutz, Nicole Hagerman & Olivia Terry

Sunday, March 1

4-Person Team

Level 1

1st Place: Troy Hickman, Steve Pachuta, Mike Mallico & Andrew Wingle

2nd Place: Jodi Hoover, Chuck Coak, Ollie Forester & Flemund Major

4th Place: Ryan Kaptur, Devin Field, Matt Megge & Steve Kasica

Level 2

1st Place: Norm Carson, Jerry Vlanbaricum, Melvin Allen & Jesse Zimmerman

2nd Place: Gregory Howell, Paula Howell, Amado Martinez & Lisa Martinez

3rd Place: Jody Wood, Kimberly Wood, Cathy Harder & Toney Barnes

4th Place: Nick Robbins, Rachel Robbins, Brandon Lee & Aaron Toth

Level 3

1st Place: Che Pamp, Suzy Alcorn, Jordan Logan & Brett Shahin

2nd Place: James Hillaker, Jim Hall, Dennis Luther & Michael Luther

3rd Place: Dan Trevino, John Allen II, Mike Seybert & Chris Sacco

4th Place: Steve Lawhorn, Robin Mulka, Jeff Stacy & Sally Lawhorn

Level 3

1st Place: Dave Dudeck, Brian Wood & Misty Shipley

2nd Place: Steve Babjack, Shauna Lemke & Pawel Trybula

3rd Place: Anthony Perkins, Albert McKeel III & Sabrina McKeel

4th Place: Rocky Studley, Kevin Greenhoe & Dawn Sage

Level 4

1st Place: Diana Oliver, Nelson Oliver & Clint Oliver

2nd Place: Nichole Thomas, Linda Abraham & Mike Verthein

3rd Place: Vicky Klopf Ryder, David Polin & Louis Medina

4th Place: Randy Rosted, Linda Peffers & Chris Cornell

Level 5

1st Place: Tammy Hall, Doug Downey & Michael Luther

2nd Place: Andrew Bawol, Herman King & Fran Selewski

3rd Place: Teresea Looman, Dustin Looman & Jen Riley

4th Place: John Cervantes, Cheryl Detkowski & Robert Hoop

Level 4

1st Place: Mike McGowan, David Polzin, Louis Medina & Ken Hill

2nd Place: Tina Derosia, John Jourdan, Don Blackwell & Maria Blackwell

3rd Place: John Cervantes, Cheryl Detkowski, Chavo Ochoa & Robert Hoop

4th Place: Michelle Hillaker, Tammy Hall, Diana Oliver & Colleen Pierce 

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